Cashgora Blanket

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The warm blanket as unique as rarely-seen

Discover this unique blanket, made with Cashgora wool. This extremely rare goat comes from the cross-breeding of Cashmere and Angora goats by New Zealand farmers, combining the softness of Cashmere with the gleaming brilliance of Mohair.

Slip away into an exotic and refined world, thanks to an unmatched aesthetics, an astonishing softness and an outstanding well-being for peaceful nights during Fall and Winter. 
Composition: 100% Cashgora hair
Weight: 450 g/m²
4 sizes (in cm): 180x240, 220x240, 240x260, 240x300
1 color: White
Binding: 100% merino d’Arles Antique® wool bias, matching colour
Entirely made in France in our factory
Brun de Vian-Tiran, the factory of noble fibres since 1808