Junin Blanket

Payment in 3 instalments, free of charge
Payment in 3 instalments, free of charge
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Wonderful ally for autumn and winter nights, this Junin blanket made from Alpaca wool provides an incomparable softness. The natural colours of this wool, with inimitable shades and shimmering, offer an aesthetic unique and authentic.

With the delicate scalloped finish, this blanket is the perfect and stylish matches to all interiors. Surround yourself into this mellowness to wrap you with softness.

Composition: 85% Alpaca - 15% Combed Merino wool.
Weight: 410 g/m².
3 sizes (cm): 180x240.220x240.240x260.
4 colors: Gris Foncé - Crème - Chamois - Café.
Finishing: Scalloped.

Entirely made in France in our factory

Brun de Vian-Tiran, the noble fibre factory since 1808