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Care instructions for your blanket

Our woollen and fine hair blankets are made with the utmost care in order to surround you lastingly with well-being.  For their usage to last in the best possible conditions and to enjoy the exceptional qualities of the natural fibres they are made of, we invite you to take care of them appropriately.

For a normal use we recommend a dry-cleaning once a year.

In this respect we draw your attention to the fact that “organic” and “eco-friendly” dry cleaners do not use dry-cleaning but a cleaning involving water to allow the detergent to operate. This step is followed by a machine drying step (dryer) which would have an irreversible felting effect of on your quilt. It is therefore essential to show the care label (sewn on the item’s side) to your dry cleaner in order to make sure that your quilt will be carefully handled.

For hygiene sake, we recommend to air your room daily (during winter too) and if possible to air and shake your blanket every time you change your bed linen.

(Tiny) natural tip: whenever the weather allows you, you can expose your blanket on a laundry line for a few hours to the sun as its beams have a strong disinfectant action.

At the end of the season we advise you to wash your blanket and to store it in its original box or in a lightly ventilated cover away from dust and direct light.