A woollen blanket is a long-lasting purchase that naturally requires a thoughtful reflection.

To ensure you to choose the item which will best fit your requirement, we suggest you to take several criteria into account:

  • The room temperature. Some people prefer to sleep in a cool room at 16 or 17°C, some others would rather have 21°C (approximately 70°F) in their room, or in-between 19°C (approximately 66°F, which is the recommended temperature in a bedroom. Today, apartments and houses are properly heated and above all very well isolated; for your comfort it is therefore not always necessary to choose a very warm blanket. However, for rooms that are little or not heated at all we advise you to choose a warm or very hot blanket.
  • Sleeping alone or two people sleeping. Two bodies in a bedding generate more heat inside of it, hence, one should avoid choosing a very hot blanket when there are two people sleeping, you could be exposed to a too high heat and that could disturb the serenity of your sleep.
  • The sleeper sensitivity to the cold. Each individual is unique and reacts differently to the ambient temperature. We advise you to always choose a woollen blanket which will suit the less cold-sensitive sleeper and then, to add a throw at the bottom of the bed, which will in addition play a decorative role and, when the evening comes, will be used by the more cold-sensitive sleeper.   
    Wool is a very breathable natural fibre that has a thermoregulatory role; it can retain water up to 30% of its own weight. This way, all night long it absorbs and eliminates bodies’ perspirations and provides you with a peaceful sleep without any dampness sensation.

To ensure you with great comfort blankets and thanks to the strength of two centuries of experience in noble fibres, we select virgin wools worldwide, each one for its unique properties:

  • New-Zealand wool for its softness
  • Australian wool for the fineness and an even greater softness
  • South American wools for their strength
  • French wool for its curliness and bulky aspect, proof main factor of the item’s heat
  • Merino wool from France, Oceania and America for its fineness and softness
    Different gathering blends are carried out to create items that fit your needs:
  • Adult’s wool and lamb’s wool, combining the softness of the first shearing and the springiness of the mother’s wool for bulky and soft blankets: Phénix blanket, Provence blanket, Comtat blanket
  • Merino wool and lamb’s wool for a very soft blanket: Océane blanket
  • Pure merino, adult and lamb, for a soft-touch and a mossy aspect, more or less warm depending on the weight: Réale blanket, Méribel blanket, Camargue blanket