Tie and Dye Shawl

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The singular and unique shawl

A palette with bright colors is presented to you!
A singular piece of fabric resulting from deliberate dyeing « accidents »: it is by tying cotton strips around the pieces of cloth that our dyers had fun creating these irregular striped effects. They can vary slightly from one shawl to another, making each piece absolutely unique.

They make the bright colours of our throw stand out even more, and ensure they are totally modern accessories.

With an incredible lightness and softness, the Tie and Dye shawl is to be worn on your shoulders, around your neck... It brings elegance and becomes the chic accessory for all seasons. Surround yourself with Tie & Dye shawls for all occasions, dressed or casual for spring and summer evenings...

Composition : 100% Merino wool
Weight: 140 g/m²
Size: 100 x 200 cm
Colours: Rouge; Corail; Vert Canard; Céladon; Noir; Encre

Entirely made in France in our factory

Brun de Vian-Tiran, the noble fibre factory since 1808