Our advises for your shawl : 

Our advises for your shawl

Shawls are frequently used. Do not forget to wash them at least once in the season, to keep their soft and velvety aspect, and to fully enjoy their natural fibres exceptional qualities.

Dry-cleaning is naturally recommended for our woollen and fine hair shawls, as indicated by the care symbol on the product’s label. Your shawl can also be cleaned at home in your washing machine only if you comply conscientiously with the underneath instructions:

  • Select the wool cold washing program
  • Wash the shawl alone or together with other wool items of the same colour
  • Use a small quantity of a special wool detergent and do not use your regular one. It is inadvisable to use fabric softeners.
  • Take the shawl out of your machine drum without twisting it, even to wring it more
  • Make it dry simply on a flat surface (a dryer use is unsuitable) in the open air and away from sun rays
  • Iron it softly (wool marker on) without applying too much pressure on it

At the end of winter we advise you to clean your shawl and to store it away from dust and light in order to be able to enjoy it back again as soon as the first cold is showing up.