Your throw

The throw highlights a very sensorial link. It must satisfy your eyes to introduce the style of your interior and your hands to seduce them with softness.

A throw is of course a functional textile used to wrap yourself up in warmth for numerous occasions at home, on your terrace, during a festival or a walk…hence, it also represents a strong decoration element which impact is not negligible.  

Your choice will be driven by:

  • The colour and the drawing range; we propose a large panel of colours, trendy or timeless in the following ranges: Mohair Throw, Three Merinos Throw, Kaschmir Throw.
  • The fibre; the light and fluffy Mohair, the soft and strong Merino, the light and fluffy Alpaca and Baby Llama and finally the fine, infinitely soft and classy drape of the Cashmere
  • The use you will make out of it. Prefer wool for its “rustic-style” and stronger aspect if you take your throw along with you in the car or for your picnics. For a decorative use or for more comfort, do not hesitate to treat yourself with noble/beautiful fibres. For a clothing use, remember the importance of the textile drape and prefer the Three Merinos Throw, the Kaschmir Throw or the Chandigarh Throw.