Our advises for your pillow : 

Care instruction for your pillow

To protect your woollen pillows at best, we recommend to use an underneath cotton pillowcase before fitting it in your bed linen one. These underneath pillowcases are easier to wash and will prevent you from having to wash your pillows too often. We advise you to wash your natural woollen pillows once to twice a year for a better hygiene and comfort.

As indicated by the care symbol on the product label, dry-cleaning only is recommended. After this washing and before using your pillows again, for an even better well-being, we invite you to air them for a whole day.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that “organic” and “eco-friendly” dry cleaners do not always use dry-cleaning but a cleaning involving water to allow the detergent to operate. This step is followed by a machine drying step (dryer) which would have an irreversible felting effect on your pillows. It is therefore essential to show the care label (sewn on the item’s side) to your dry cleaner in order to make sure that your pillows will be carefully handled.

For hygiene sake, we recommend to aerate your room daily (during winter too) and if possible to aerate your pillows for a few hours every time you change your bed linen. This will eliminate the natural humidity accumulated in the pillows during the night and allow you to find back healthy and bulky pillows.

(Tiny) natural tip: whenever the weather allows you, we advise you to expose yours pillows a few hours to the sun as its beams have a strong disinfectant action.