Your duvet

Sleep is a subject to take seriously, it is not an adjustment variable in a busy day. Each one of us needs a minimum time to rest, a recovery time to enjoy the following day at best. Sleeping under a good duvett contributes to a refreshing sleep.

A duvet does not necessarily need to be tucked in but must be large enough to wrap your bed platform and have 30cm (approximately 12 inches) on each side to cover you all night long, especially if you and your partner have a tendency to move. For instance, for a bed width of 160cm (approximately 63 inches) you will prefer a 240x260cm (approximately 90”x94”) quilt.

Light duvets, temperate duvets, warm duvets, very hot duvets, we provide you with a large range of fibres and grammage weight in order to satisfy your need in the best possible way. Your need differs according to:

  • the season
  • your bedroom temperature
  • the expected comfort: bulk, lightness or on the contrary a preference for the feeling of a certain weight on your body.
choice of your duvetchoice of your duvet

We advise you to slip your natural quilt in a bed linen made of natural fibres too, such as cotton or linen in order to benefit from its breathable properties.