Your pillow

The pillow is the partner of each of your nights; it is intended to support (the weight of) your head and plays a role on the quality of your sleep. The pillow allows your vertebras to be in a perfect alignment to avoid muscular tensions at the back of your neck.

We propose two sizes of pillows because each one fulfills a different function:

  • Rectangular-shaped pillow (45x70cm/18x28 inches pillow or 50x75cm/20x30 inches pillow) to sleep as it is best, fitted to support your head and to keep it at the same level as your spine
  • Square-shaped pillow (65x65cm/25x25) for the relaxation phase; it is intended to support your head and upper body when seated in your bed
    We recommend a special pillow in accordance with the positions you sleep in:
  • You sleep on your back, choose a firm pillow to ensure a good support for your neck
  • You sleep on your side, prefer a soft pillow to rest your head and your full neck on
  • You sleep on your stomach, we advise you a supple pillow, not fully filled with wool, to preserve at best the alignment of your vertebras
  • The filling density of our wool filled natural pillows (Camargue and Confidence) has been made adjustable for you to optimize your comfort.

Remember to change your pillows every two years to always enjoy a good support.