Our advises for your mattress-topper

Care instruction for your mattress-topper

Your woollen mattress-topper must be carefully protected by a 100% cotton drawsheet which will be easier to take care of regularly. As indicated by the care symbol on the product label, dry-cleaning only is appropriate.

In this regard, we draw your attention to the fact that “organic” and “eco-friendly” dry cleaners do not use dry-cleaning but a cleaning involving water to allow the detergent to operate. This step is followed by a machine drying step (dryer) which would have an irreversible felting effect on your mattress-pad. It is therefore essential to show the care label (sewn on the item’s side) to your dry cleaner in order to make sure that your mattress-topper will be carefully handled.

For hygiene sake, we recommend to aerate your room daily (during winter too) and if possible to aerate your mattress-topper for a few hours every time you change your bed linen. This will eliminate the natural humidity dropped on your bedding during the night and allow you to maintain a healthy mattress-topper.

Remember to reverse head and foot of your mattress-topper once to twice a month so that your weight does not impact the same surface.

Tiny natural tip: whenever the weather allows you, we recommend to expose your mattress-topper a few hours to the sun as its beams have a strong disinfectant action.