Your mattress-topper

Ideal complement of your bedding, the Brun de Vian-Tiran mattress-topper, ideal complement of your bedding, brings comfort and softness. According to the Institut National du Sommeil et de la Vigilance (INSV – a French national institute devoted to promoting sleep and solutions to its disorders as part of public health) we lose 40 cl (approximately 2.8 gill) of water on average per night. A natural mattress-topper owns all the required qualities to absorb and to vent this excess humidity and create the best conditions to spend peaceful and healthy nights.

The heavier the mattress-topper grammage weight, the greater the comfort. To satisfy each one of your needs we offer a large range of products: washable mattress-topper Poseidon, mattress-topper Eté/Hiver adjustable to the season and for the ultimate well-being the Camargue and Somptueux mattress-toppers.

For electric beds remember to choose two mattress-toppers of smaller width in order to be able to turn on separately the two parts of your bed.