Damier Key Ring

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A key ring is not just a practical accessory, it can also be something of beauty, and its little details confirm your sense of good taste. Made from our iconic Brun de Vian-Tiran Gardian (Camargue cowboy) fabric which was originally just checked in cream and brown squares, today we also offer red and blue versions.

The key ring can be bought to match your woollen tote bag from the same traditional Gardian collection, with a design which is totally today. The Damier (checkerboard) Gardian pattern was the first produced by our Factory, and retains an honoured place in our collections as an emblem of our brand.

Composition: Fabric 100% French wool – wool strap
Dimensions: 7 x 7 cm
Colours: Bleu - Rouge – Marron
Care instructions: Hand wash any marks gently with cold water and a little Marseille soap, using a soft cloth.

Brun de Vian-Tiran, the noble fibre factory since 1808