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After 30 years of collaboration with Merinos d'Arles Antique® sheep breeders to redevelop the finest wool in the northern hemisphere, come and discover our new Arles collection made in partnership with ENSCI-Les Ateliers, the highest French school of industrial design, with whom we have been developing amazing capsule collections for nearly 10 years.

Wrap yourself in these soft and light fabrics, designed with original patterns, that bring all the needed warmth to face this winter. An innovative and creative collection, that bring your home decoration to life by combining or matching throws and cushions: your creativity is your only limit.

By day or night, choose the scarf, tote-bag or phone case as the final touch of your outfit.



The students of ENSCI-Les Ateliers were inspired by the landscapes of Arles, from the rugged Alpilles hills to the sandy coastline of the Camargue. The region is the home to groves of olives and paddy fields of rice, alongside the precious safeguarded natural environment of the Crau Plain, the last European steppe, with its peacefully grazing sheeps. All the excellence of the French wool industry is united here, from the sheep breeder to the designer, another demonstration of Brun de Vian-Tiran’s role as a benevolent, responsible and caring ecosystem, full of promise for the future.

The ultimate expression of the region and the know-how wich have nourished Brun de Vian-Tiran for more than two centuries, and for which we proudly carry the banner.

The 2022 collection: 'Arles'  

moodboard arles

For the first colors and drawings of the Arles collection, the students of ENSCI-Les Ateliers have worked on a typical theme of the Mérinos d'Arles Antique® sheeps: their territory. Through their moodboards, they have explored the successive worlds of these landscapes, from the Alpilles hills to the Camargue.

A collection with four variations

For more than 10 years, ENSCI – Les Ateliers has been using its know-how to create original and unique capsule creations with us. To do so, the students immerse themselves in the history of our house in order to transcribe our values in the creations developed while considering our technical constraints.

4 colors have been created : 

Aube: The glowing sun close to the horizon, characteristic color of the salins, the still stagnant mist envelops the Camargue with a layer of mystery, both solitude and charm.

Echarpe Aube Plaids Aube coussins arles

Embrun: The region of Arles and its vegetation are covered with salty droplets carried by the wind. Nature takes back all its rights.

Echarpe Embrun Plaids Embrun coussins arles

Graminée: Whether slightly sparse or densely planted, these plants clarify the undulating gold and silver chiseled plains beneath the Mistral wind.

Echarpe Graminee Plaids Graminee coussins

Olivier: The valleys of the Alpilles are marked by the presence of the thousand-year-old tree that gives here a famous oil and colors the landscape with its silvery green-grey, trace of the alliance of always between man and nature, just like sheep breeding.

Echarpe Olivier Plaids Olivier 

This is how we propose to you the Arles collection. Scarves, throws, cushions, tote-bags and phone cases show the design and technical skills of ENSCI and two centuries of expertise preserved and modernized by Brun de Vian-Tiran.

 Plaids Arles         Echarpe Arles         Pochettes Arles                                       

                                                       Tote-bags Arles          Coussins Arles

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