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The choice of your summer blanket

When temperature warms up and with the arrival of summer it is essential to adjust your bedding and to adopt always more breathable and resolutely finer fibres. Our summer blankets are light blankets, perfectly fit the summer nights which have the particularity to sometimes be stifling early in the night and fresh early on the morning.

Contrarily to generally accepted ideas, wool regulates perfectly the temperature inside your bedding during the summer; a light blanket, less insulating surely contributes to your comfort all night long. Our different summer blankets are available in 100% Merino or in a combination of Merino and Linen for a natural chiné aspect and a freshness feeling inherent to this vegetal fibre.

Always have the cooler moment of the night in mind when choosing your summer blanket. During the hot season, you will be able to set it at the foot of the bed and unfold it if needed in the night, you will also be able to enjoy it longer during mid-seasons.


- For special dimensions, please consult us

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