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The choice of your Prestigious blanket

Enter the world of exceptional fibres and choose the ideal blanket. Perfect nights can make your days even more beautiful. Turn your bed into a cocoon and, every night, enjoy a peaceful and regenerating sensorial experience.

For your well-being and in order to provide you with the best comfort, Brun de Vian-Tiran searches and selects the best fibres around the world.

Your choice, among our high-end blankets is driven by some of the following criteria:

  • Comfort criteria

A warm blanket, a temperate blanket, a light blanket… the expected comfort is most often the first criteria of your choice. It depends on the fibre and on the grammage weight of the blanket.

The finer the fibre, the more numerous the tiny air pockets which prevent heat from spreading and therefore insulate you from the cold. For the same grammage weight, a thiner fibre will constitute a warmer blanket.









32 à to 35 microns

27 microns

21 microns

20 microns





16 to17




NB: a micron is a 1000th of millimetre


  • Sensorial criteria

Hand and touch also are decisive. Here again, a thiner fibre is generally softer.

  • Aesthetic criteria

The bedroom is an intimate world within which each individual creates a personal, warm and cosy universe. Beyond the practical/functional aspect, each furniture or accessory that composes it contributes to the creation of an atmosphere. Our luxury blankets, thanks to their colour shades and finishing, naturally contribute to this atmosphere.

The sheared finishing for blankets made of Alpaca, Baby Llama and of Camel hair offers a velvet aspect with light shades.

The nap finishing of the mohair blankets strengthen the fluffy effect of the fibre.

The finishing of the cashmere blankets:

-          Cold calendering for the Supreme blanket and the Aliseo blanket, offers an exceptional draped

-          felting for the other blankets procures a great softness.


Finally, think about the size of your high-end blanket. Take into account the width and the thickness of your mattress, then add 20 cm (approximately 8 inches) on each side to tuck in the bedclothes.


- For special dimensions, please consult us

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