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Care instructions for your washable duvet

We advise you to wash your duvet once a year in your domestic washing machine, following carefully the underneath instructions:

  • On your washing machine, select the “gentle” or the wool cold washing program
  • Use a reasonable quantity of a special detergent and do not add fabric softeners
  • Program a 1 000 to 1 600 rpm spinning
  • Take your duvet out of your machine drum as soon as the program ends
  • Make it dry simply on the laundry line (a dryer use is unsuitable) in the open air

Caution: If the size of your duvet is not adapted to your washing machine drum, you will have to entrust a dry-cleaner with it.

In this case, when handling your duvet to the dry-cleaner we invite you to check that your item will indeed be dry-cleaned and that a dryer will not be used after an “organic” washing.

Never wash your duvet in a launderette, in which washing machines are not suitable for delicate products and where your quilt could be damaged.


At the end of the season we advise you to wash your duvet and store it back into its initial packaging, away from dust. 

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